9 Reasons For A Tummy Tuck Houston TX After Weight Loss or Pregnancy

It is the expectation of every pregnant woman to deliver safely. However, your body will be changed tremendously after delivery or after a weight loss program. If you discover that you are having droopy skin as well as stubborn, excess fat that refuse go after exercise or weight loss, a tummy tuck Houston TX may be the perfect solution to your problem. Tummy tuck is a surgical procedure also known as abdominoplasty and there are many reasons men and women are considering it after pregnancy or weight loss program. Nine of these reasons are discussed below.

#1. Tummy Tuck for Muscle Repair

Pregnancy usually makes the abdominal muscles to slit and multiple pregnancies as well as big babies can increase your exposure to the risk. The torn muscles will then become separated and are technically known as diastatis recti. This condition can be fixed with a tummy tuck Houston TX, especially if carried out by a competent plastic surgeon. Regrettably, it is not possible to repair diastatis recti through exercising, but yoga as well as pilates can help but they may worsen the condition in some instances.

A plastic surgeon will use a tummy tuck Houston TX to stitch the separated abdominal muscles so that they can get back together again. Your droopy skin and fatty tissue problems will also be solved. Also, tummy tuck procedure is capable of being used for correcting caesarean section scars as well as stretch marks brought about by your pregnancy.

#2. Improved Muscle Strength After Abdominoplasty

The muscles of your stomach may become weak or detached after your pregnancy or weight loss program. These droopy muscles will not respond to diet and exercise which can make it necessary for you to go for a tummy tuck Houston TX.

The procedure has the capability of tightening your stretched muscles so that their core strength and abdominal tone can be enhanced. Your mons pubis will be tighter and this will eliminate upper pubic area fat. With a more enduring core, your spine will be better supported so that you can sit and stand more erect which will go a long way in boosting your overall posture as well as health. Tummy tuck Houston TX will improve your posture and core which will give you an added opportunity to exercise and maintain a perfect body weight.

#3. Tummy Tuck for Excess Skin Removal

Tummy tuck can be used for correcting droopy skin caused by pregnancy and weight gain. Your skin will stretch when you gain weight or during pregnancy and this can result into skin laxity. When you deliver or lose weight, the skin may not return to its original form leading to overstretched skin. You may discover that your toned silhouette is concealed by skin folds that do not budge.

Your plastic surgeon will tighten the additional skin so that your body contour will be revealed. Surgical scars as well as stretch marks can also be fixed through this procedure.

#4. Abdominoplasty to Remove Stubborn Fatty Tissue

Just as weight loss and pregnancy can leave you with excess skin, they can also bring about stubborn fat that may not budge through exercise and diet. These excess fat deposits will make you to look plump after several attempts at eliminating them. Tummy tuck will get rid of these stubborn fat deposits so that you will be able to have a perfect look. The procedure can be combined with liposuction in order to achieve an ideal body contour.

#5. Bladder Control Improvements from Tummy Tuck

If you experience a burning urge to urinate, the condition is known as stress or urinary incontinence. Tummy tuck can be used to fix this condition. This is because during the procedure, your core strength will be improved through the tightening of your abdominal muscles. This will enhance your bladder control which will go a long way in addressing the condition.

A little obstruction may also be created for the bladder and soft pelvic tissues are usually used to boost the control of the bladder. Female patients have the opportunity of going through vaginal revitalization regimen which will go a long way in helping them with bladder control. These procedures can be integrated with tummy tuck which may also include labiaplasty and laser treatments.

#6. Tummy Tucks Can Help Reduce Health Risks

Research has shown that some health problems can develop when you have too much fat as well as skin around your stomach. Some of these health problems include fungal infections, diabetes, liver and heart disease, heart attack and so on. Additional fat and skin can exert too much tension on the internal organs of your body. Which will restrict their natural activities and increase toxins.

Abdominoplasty has the capacity to remove excess skin as well as stubborn fat. So that your exposure to these health issues will be eliminated or reduced. The elimination of these fatty deposits will also give you the opportunity to exercise properly in order to maintain your health status in a perfect manner.

 #7. Abdominoplasty to Reduce Back and Neck Pain

The excess fat and skin eliminated through abdominoplasty will give your spine the opportunity to straighten properly and reduce pressure on it. This will reduce the back and neck pain associated with these excess fat deposits and skin. So that you can enjoy life at its fullest.

#8. Help Stabilise Weight with Tummy Tuck Procedures

The stability of your weight is very vital to your overall health. Tummy tuck will help you to achieve this when you get rid of excess fat. And maintain the result for a new body shape that will be alluring.

#9. Tummy Tuck to Improve Confidence and Fit Better in Clothing

Tummy tuck Houston TX will help you to get rid of excess fat and droopy skin. This will make you to look better in clothes thereby boosting your self confidence. You will feel more positive, energetic and attractive after your pregnancy or weight loss program .