15 Excellent Tips for Quick Liposuction Recovery

Liposuction surgery Houston is one of the body contouring procedures for eliminating excess fat from specific areas of the body. It is characterized by the removal of additional fat with the aid of suction using appropriate surgical devices. It can be carried out on body areas such as thighs, buttocks, hips, arms, breasts and abdomen. If you are considering Houston liposuction or have gone through the process before, it is important for you to know that recovery is gradual but if you give yourself the opportunity of full healing, you will definitely be pleased with your results. Here are 15 tips that will help you to full recovery.


#1. Consult Your Surgeon For Post-op Instructions

 Liposuction surgery Houston is an invasive plastic surgery that can give rise to several complications, hence, you should follow your plastic surgeon’s post-operative instructions so that you can heal up properly. You should not hesitate to ask all the necessary questions that will help you to recover perfectly and reduce complications.


#2. Schedule Enough Rest Time

Your liposuction surgery Houston can take place in a hospital and can be an outpatient procedure, but it is very essential for you to take a proper rest after the procedure. Your recovery period is greatly determined by the complexity of the procedure which is usually caused by the amount of fat to be removed. If a larger area is treated, you should expect your recovery period to be longer. You should not forget to properly arrange your home and bedroom before leaving for the surgery so that it will be easier for you to rest very well when you get back home.


#3. Wear a Compression Garment

After your liposuction surgery Houston, your doctor will apply a compression garment or bandage to help in reducing swelling. Some surgeons will provide compression garments while some will not and in a situation like this, you will need to purchase the garment. Bandages are usually put on for about two weeks and you may need to wear the compression garments for some weeks in accordance with the instruction of your physician.


#4. Take Antibiotics To Ward Off Infections

Antibiotics may be prescribed for you after your liposuction surgery Houston, in order to prevent infections. Modern techniques in liposuction may not necessitate the use of antibiotics after the procedure. But if your surgeon discovers it is very important for you to take them, they may be recommended.


#5. Manage Swelling and Pain With Medication

There is every possibility that you will experience some pain, swelling and numbness after the liposuction procedure and these can be managed with painkillers prescribed by your doctor or obtained over the counter. You may need to take these drugs for some weeks when you will start feeling better.


#6. Walk As Soon As Possible

You should start walking at a mild pace once you are able do so. This will help in preventing blood clot which can be very dangerous. When you move gently, you will be helping your body to heal up quickly, but you should remember that you may not be able to return to strenuous activities until after about a month.


#7. Care For Your Incision

Your incision should be properly taken care of in accordance with the instructions of your expert in cosmetic surgery. The stitches around the incisions should be prevented from being soaked in water, hence, you can shower after 48 hours but you should not soak up in a tub up till the time that the stitches will be taken off.


#8. Remove Your Stitches

Some stitches will be absorbed by your skin while some will require a visit to your doctor’s office before they can be taken off. You should strictly comply with the instructions given to you when you embark on a follow-up visit for the purpose of the removal of the stitches.


#9. Watch For Signs of Complications

There are some risks associated with the procedure but your surgeon is capable of helping you in avoiding or managing them. It is very important to immediately see your doctor if you notice excessive swelling, redness or bruising, severe pain, uncontrollable bleeding, vomiting, nausea, rash or headache, yellow discharge from the incision, among others.


#10. Control Your Weight

Fat cells are permanently eliminated through liposuction but you can gain more weight in other areas of your body if you are not careful and this can alter your body shape. As a result of this, you should maintain a steady weight by exercising regularly and taking a healthy diet.


#11. Eat Healthy, Regular Meals

Taking healthy, balance meals regularly will assist you in maintaining a perfect body weight. You should endeavor to take foods containing moderate fat and your daily calorie intake should be monitored. Your meals should contain grains, vegetables, fruits, proteins and dairy.


#12. Stay Away From Unhealthy Foods

Unhealthy or junk foods should be avoided if you really want to maintain your weight. Majority of these foods are loaded with calories and fat which may be detrimental to your weight loss objective. Foods like pizza, cake, burgers, ice cream, potato chips and nachos should be seen as your enemies because they will quickly add to your weight.


#13. Take Part In Cardiovascular Exercise

Taking part in mild cardiovascular exercise will help you to lose weight. And maintain the perfect shape you got after liposuction. Walking and swimming are the ways to start. And if you want to take it to the next level, you can consider biking, rowing or running.


#14. Take Part In Strength-training Exercises

You can take part in strength-training exercises, like yoga, in order to stretch and strengthen your muscles. This will go long way in helping you to keep your weight in check and maintain your liposuction results.


#15. Be Aware of When You Will See Results

It is important for you to note that the result of your liposuction surgery Houston may not be seen immediately. However, within six months, you should be able to see full results of the cosmetic surgery.