10 Things You Should Know About Liposuction

Liposuction near me is a fat reduction process for getting rid of stubborn fat cells from certain areas of the body. In a situation whereby exercise and diet cannot accomplish your required weight loss goal, liposuction may be a viable option. Before going for the procedure, there are 10 things you need to know and they are extensively discussed below.  

#1. Areas of The Body Fit For Liposuction

Plastic surgeons usually carry out liposuction near me and the areas of your body where the procedure can be carried out include belly, hips, thighs, arms, face, buttocks and back. It can also be combined with other procedures in plastic surgery such as tummy tucks, breasts reductions and facelifts.  

#2. Are You Eligible For The Procedure?

In order to be eligible for liposuction near me, you must have firm and elastic skin. You should not be a smoker and you must not be beyond 30% of your model weight. If you have health issues like weak immune system, diabetes or hypertension, you may not be a good candidate for a liposuction procedure.  

#3. You Should Consult With Your Surgeon

Before starting your liposuction near me process, it is very important for you to have a consultation with your surgeon. During consultation, you should not hesitate to discuss your expectations (which must be realistic, anyway), options, benefits, risks, costs and so on. You should not forget to ask all the vital questions that will help you in understanding the process better.  

#4. Talk About Your Allergies

If you have allergies or there are medications or herbal supplements that you take, your surgeon should be well informed about all these. He/she may ask you to stop the intake of some of these drugs, especially blood thinners, some weeks before your surgery. Blood thinners are notorious for reducing the rate of blood clot and this can aggravate bleeding during the surgery. In addition, your surgeon may given you certain restrictions if you decide to go ahead with the procedure and these may include restrictions on alcohol as well as diet.  

#5. What You Should Expect During The Procedure

Your liposuction near me may be carried out in the office of your doctor or at a center for surgery. However, it is very important that the place where the surgery will take place is accredited in order to ensure a safe process and satisfactory results. It is an outpatient process and this implies that you may go home on the same day. However, if your case requires the removal of heavy fat deposits, it is advisable to use a hospital facility and you may not go home on the same day. The areas to be treated will be marked and you will be administered with a local or general anesthesia so that you don’t feel much discomfort during the process.  

#6. The Types Of Liposuction Available

There are many liposuction techniques. But they all have one thing in common – the use of cannula fixed to a vacuum for suctioning the fat from the body. The most popular technique is tumescent liposuction. It involves the injection of sterile solution to the region where the excess fat is to be eliminated. The solution contains saline, lidocaine and epinephrine which makes the suctioning of the fat easier without much pain or blood loss. Another technique is the ultrasound-assisted liposuction (UAL). Which involves the use of energy from sound waves to liquefy the fat for easy removal. There is also laser-assisted liposuction, also known as SmartLipo, which uses laser energy to liquefy the fat so that it can be easily taken off.  

#7. The Recovery Period

Recovery period is largely dependent on the technique used for you. Generally, you should expect swelling, soreness and bruising for some weeks after the procedure. Compression garments may be recommended for you to control swelling. And you may need to put them on for about two months. In order to prevent infections, you will be given some antibiotics. And you should be able to get back to work after some days. However, you may need to wait for about two weeks before you can resume strenuous activities. You may need to go for follow-up visits. So that your recovery will be properly monitored by your doctor.  

#8. The Risks Involved

We can’t do without risks in any surgery and liposuction will not be an exception. That is why it is very important that a board-certified cosmetic surgeon handles the process. Possible risks include bleeding, infection, numbness, nerve damage, disproportionate fat removal, shock, just to mention a few. Your doctor will assist you in managing some of these side effects and if you discover that some of them are persistent, you should endeavor to see your doctor so that an urgent action will be taken.  

#9. Fat Cells Are Permanently Removed

During liposuction, fat cells are permanently taken off from your body. However, if you don’t watch your diet, you may accumulate more fat at other parts of your body. In order to maintain the results of the liposuction, you may need to follow a healthy diet plan. Which may include whole grains, lean protein, vegetables, fruits, low-fat dairy and so on. Regular exercising is also very important so that your body will be kept at shape always.  

#10. Liposuction Is Not Covered By Health Insurance

Since liposuction is a process in cosmetic surgery, majority of health plans may not cover it. Consequently, you should be prepared to carry the cost burden yourself. However, you can speak with your insurer and surgeon so that a convenient financing plan can be organized for you.  

On A Final Note

Removing unwanted fats through liposuction near me is a great option for you in order to boost the shape of your body. And make it more attractive. If you really want to get an ideal outcome. You should make sure that a proficient surgeon is engaged to carry out the surgery. This will guarantee a safe process and satisfactory results at the end of the whole show.