Vaser Liposuction Houston – Matters Arising

Vaser liposuction Houston is an alternate technology if traditional liposuction procedure is not to be used. It is a process whereby fatty deposits are eliminated from the underneath region of your skin. So that your body shape will be enhanced. Usually, patients who go for this fat removal procedure have good condition physically and desire body sculpting or contouring.

Vaser liposuction Houston is an ultrasonic procedure introduced in 2002 by Sound Surgical Technologies. It is FDA approved. And it uses sound waves for the purpose of loosening fat cells. So that liposuction and body contouring can be carried out. The procedure is characterized by the injection of tumescent liquid or saline solution blended with anesthetics to the area that needs treatment. It makes use of high frequency ultrasound vibration for breaking down the fat. Instead of the traditional method of manual movement. Or use of cannula.

Your cosmetic surgeon will make use of vaser ultrasonic probes. Which will be inserted to your fatty tissue in order to cripple the fat cells. The vibration from the vaser liposuction Houston device will break down the fat cells. And emulsify the tumescent fluid previously injected into the body.  As soon as the emulsification process is going on. A little cannula will be used to get rid of the liquid as well as fat cells. It is important to note that there will still be traces of local anesthetic in your system. Which will help in reducing discomfort after the procedure.

FAQs about Vaser Lipo

Vaser liposuction Houston is considered to have a milder effect on the body compared to traditional liposuction. It also gives the cosmetic surgeon handling your treatment the required control on the process. So that a perfect body contour can be achieved. In addition, it is specially designed for fat loosening. And preservation of surrounding tissues. The use of saline solution will help in reducing bruising as well as bleeding. Here are some frequently asked questions about vaser lipo.

What Areas of the Body Can Vaser Liposuction Treat?

The degree of accuracy of vaser liposuction Houston gives cosmetic surgeons the ability to sculpt and reshape critical body areas. Like arms, neck, chin, thighs and so on. The procedure can be used to get rid of fat in body areas that can be treated with traditional liposuction. Such as abdomen, buttocks, back, hips, male breasts, arms, back, love handles, and so on. Since the procedure is not harmful to neighbouring tissues. Minimal bruising is usually experienced. While recovery is very fast.

What will happen at my Vaser Lipo consultation?

You will meet a competent vaser lipo specialist during your consultation. Your body will be examined. And your expected aesthetic goals will be discussed with you. Your doctor will prepare a treatment plan for you. And show what you should expect before, during as well as after the procedure.

Is Vaser Lipo right for me?

The procedure is specially designed for people with undesired fat in specific areas of the body. You are a good candidate if your skin is elastic and firm. Including ideal muscle tone.

Why choose Vaser Lipo over traditional liposuction?

Vaser lipo makes use of special anesthesia. Which gives you the opportunity to be awake while the procedure is going on. It is not as invasive as traditional lipo. Downtime is less and recovery process is quicker. It is an ideal procedure for those who prefer a very simple procedure. However, it is important to note that traditional liposuction will get rid of about 30% more fat than vaser lipo. The two options have their advantages as well as disadvantages. And your doctor will discuss the various options with you. So that the right procedure will be determined for you.

 Is Vaser Lipo customized for different body types?

We all don’t have the same body structure.  Hence, your doctor will work with you based on your body type. And its needs. Your condition may require one session. While others may need to go through multiple sessions. In order to get the result. Your doctor will give you an ideal clinical recommendation of areas that require treatment. And the number of treatment sessions you will go through.

What will happen the day I receive Vaser Lipo treatment and how long does it take?

You will be awake as the procedure is going on. While an oral medication will be given to you. So that you will be able to relax. Your doctor will make little incisions. Through which the liposuction tube will be inserted to the fat deposits. Unwanted fat will be treated with ultrasound energy. While the fat cells will be loosened in order to eliminate them through the tube. The number of places that require treatment will go a long in determining the duration of the process. It can last for just one hour. Or several hours.

What is recovery like after Vaser Lipo treatment?

After the procedure, you will be made to put on a compression garment. So that your body can smoothly contract to the new contour. Excess fluid or blood will be removed through temporary drains that may be connected to the incisions. It is advisable for you to rest for 12 hours after the process. And you should avoid strenuous activities for three weeks succeeding your treatment as your body heals up.

How soon will I see results after my Vaser Lipo procedure?

You will start seeing results immediately after the procedure has been completed. The result will continue to get better as your body heals up. By four months after your treatment, you should be able to see final results.


Choosing an ideal vaser liposuction Houston expert will go a long way in helping you to get the result of your desire. Also, you should not forget dieting and exercise after your treatment in order to help the maintenance of your result. You can boost the shape of your body through vaser lipo. But you need to take every possible steps that will ensure that you get the result.