Lip Care Product

Remove dead skin cells by using our cruelty-free lip exfoliators that are made in the USA. Our lip exfoliators and are made up of delicate sugar crystals to give your lips a fresh and smooth finish. Exfoliate your lips today.

Our lip scrub can be used 3-4 times a week for best results. Simply apply our sugar scrub to damp lips, gently massage in a circular motion, and rinse. It is that easy!

After using our lip scrub, lock in the moisture by using our lip balm. Our lip balm is created with certified organic ingredients to help nourish and provide ultimate moisturization. The lip balms are formulated without using scents or essential oils which is ideal for sensitive lips.

If you suffer from dry lips, try our lip masks. Our mask is perfect for overnight application to help restore and soothe your lips. If you want to reduce the appearance of lip lines, try our lip serum. Our lip serum is created with a blend of time-defying oils to help firm your lips and reduce wrinkles.

Are you searching for the best lip exfoliator, best organic lip balm, or best lip scrub? At Premiere Surgical Arts, we carry lip care products such as some of the best moisturizing lip balm, lip exfoliator, and lip mask. Don’t forget to moisturize with our moisturizing lip balm. Shop now!

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