Oral Pathology?

Oral pathology is concerned with diagnosing and treating diseases and abnormalities of the mouth and the related structures (jaw, neck, etc.). When your mouth is healthy, the tissue that lines it is pink and smooth. Any changes should be evaluated by a specialist like Dr. Jung. Oral and pharyngeal cancer can be deadly but this is often because they’re detected in their advanced stages.

The prognosis is good if you see a professional as soon as you notice certain signs including:

  • White, red or black patches in the oral tissue that are in contrast to the normal pink color
  • Sores or ulcers in the mouth that bleed easily and don’t heal within a week
  • Abnormal lumps, thickening, raised areas or ridges in the oral tissue
  • Lumps or masses in the neck
  • Difficulty swallowing or chewing
  • Painful areas
  • A chronic sore throat or hoarse voice



Dr. Jung will examine your mouth, jaws, head and neck. He’ll go over your medical history to get a handle on your risk factors. He may also take x-rays or scans. If necessary, he can perform a biopsy, which involves removing a piece of the suspicious tissue. Most biopsies are performed under local anesthesia and are relatively quick and painless. If the lesions or sores are benign, Dr. Jung will give you instructions to aid in healing and reduce your discomfort. If a disease, such as oral cancer, is detected, Dr. Jung will work with you to decide on the appropriate treatment plan. He has extensive training in oral pathology. Early detection and care typically lead to a complete recovery.

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